Pattern: Camo Afghan

I love the effects of this afghan design! My amazing grandma made up an afghan pattern that was worked diagonally and I thought it was really cool.  My nephew's birthday was coming up and I needed to make him an afghan and wanted it to be different and fun.  This was the finished project and everyone kept saying how much it looked like Camo - so that's where it's name came from.

Finished size: 53"L x 40"W
Materials: 12oz each of 3 colors.  To get the Camo effect, I used Red Heart Super Saver yarn.   1 color needs to be dark (Dark sage), 1 color a lighter shade of the first color (Light Sage) and 1 a neutral color (Aran)

I have 1 started in pink tones and 1 in blue tones and they are so fun! 
There are many photos
showing stitch placement and I do offer support if needed.
This afghan is easily made in any size you desire.  It is written for child size